Healing Energy of Crystals

Natural crystals and gemstones have been used throughout history for their healing properties. Warriors used crystals and gemstones on their armor. Healers made elixirs from natural crystals and gemstones. Kings and Queens wore crystal and gemstone jewelry not only for their beauty, but for the natural healing energy they provided.

Now, a modern skeptic may say that it is impossible for a natural crystal to have any healing properties. Consider the science. Crystals transmit a piezoelectric charge which does affect the body’s biomagnetic fields. Crystals reflect and refract light, and light rays such as far infrared and ultraviolet are used to both heal and disinfect the body. And somehow crystals carry information or else every computer in the world would not have a silicon (crystal) chip inside. Even from
a scientific standpoint, it seems possible that natural healing crystals can influence physical functioning.

Let us also talk about beliefs. There is an old saying that what you believe is true for you. Every crystal and gemstone has a legend about it that speaks of its natural healing abilities. Rose quartz crystal is said to influence Love. Amethyst crystal, wisdom. Smoky quartz absorbs negativity, and on and on…. If I am looking for Love, and I carry or wear a natural healing rose quartz crystal and find Love, no one can say for certain whether the crystal, or my belief in the crystal, found Love for me. That’s the power of beliefs.

The beauty of natural healing crystals is next in our discussion. When we see or hold something that is beautiful, we relax. There is an “ahhhh” moment. Our attention is focused on the beauty and away from our worries and fears. This moment is very healing because we have turned off the sympathetic nervous systems “fight or flight” response and engaged the calm, relaxed parasympathetic system. Our entire body relaxes. It has been said that stress accounts for over 90% of all illness and accidents. One moment without stress heals.

When people visit our Labyrinth Park Welcome Center, they are immediately attracted to our natural healing crystals. Without knowing the type of crystal, or where it’s from, they reach into the crystal case and pull out a crystal, saying often, that’s mine! I found it! Here we are talking about the energy of the crystal. This Healing energy hasn’t been discovered by conventional medicine, but has been used throughout the ages. The same energy as found in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Shamans, Native American Ceremonies, Churches, and Prayers. This unseen energy forms a halo around all matter, forms the matrix of all cells and tissues. This energy heals and we are attracted to what heals us.

Natural healing crystals express the unity of the four elements in their very being. Growing in the Earth, they suggest the mineral evolution of the planet. By their ability to transmit a piezo electric charge, they are natural expressions of Fire. Natural healing crystals are related to Water in both their molecular structure and their ice-like appearance. And just as Air lets light pass through its clarity, so do crystals. Their beauty speaks to the child within, and invites us to stop and allow the pure flow of energy to refresh and revitalize us. We hope you discover and enjoy your special crystal today!

Jill N. Henry,
Author: Energy
SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy (Llewellyn, 2004)
Owner: The Otto
Labyrinth Park and
Mountain Valley Center.com

Walking a Chakra Labyrinth

A 7 circuit labyrinth, like the one at the Otto Labyrinth Park, brings one a sense of peace and healing just by walking it. For those who wish more intentional healing, you can walk a labyrinth in reference to the 7 chakras. The chakras are energy centers connecting body to spirit. Each center has a corresponding physical and emotional value, color, and energy feed. Use the chart and graphics below to meditate on the values as you walk your own Chakra labyrinth.

Labyrinth Path

Body Center




Circuit 1 – Yellow

solar plexus, lumbar

mental or intellectual power, happiness & joy

to overcome depression & to solve problems

to unlock fear and rebuild the nervous system, releasing tension from the solar plexus

Circuit 2 – Orange


optimism, self-confidence, enthusiasm, & courage


Social ray of service

to manifest in your life when you need enthusiastic confidence to serve others in need

to overcome insensitivity to others, suspicion, lack of trust and condemnation of faults of others

Circuit 3 – Red


life, strength, power & vitality


Become master of the body so it can be used as a tool for Spirit

to accomplish noble desires

to overcome inertia, depression, fear & melancholy and to prevent becoming "spaced out" by grounding oneself with red

Circuit 4 – Green


dorsal spine

balance, harmony, peacemaking, brotherhood, hope, growth, healing & love

when in need of healing, peace & harmony within self & with others

to overcome anxiety, regret, insecurity, selfishness, attachment & possessive jealousy

Circuit 5 – Indigo or Violet

medulla and spiritual eye

spiritual perception & intuition, divine realization, humility, creative imagination

"Creative imagination and the power of visualization gives the devotee of truth the power to materialize whatever he/she desires at will

to uplift consciousness from preoccupation with the world of sensations and awaken realization of other planes of existence and other valid realities.

Circuit 6 – Blue



inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith & devotion

when in need of faith and inspiration

to overcome a reactive personality or rigidity to change

Circuit 7 – White/Pink  

above head

crown, halo

Sense of Oneness with all

Space, beingness, no-thing, empty and full, without judgment

to become one with the Great All that was before and will be after.

"Loving God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself is a complete manifestation of the Green Ray. It encompasses the Blue Devotional Ray as well. To love God with all one’s soul is the fulfillment of the Indigo and Violet Rays. To love God with all one’s mind is the complete fulfillment of the Yellow Ray of awareness. To love God with all one’s strength is the Orange and Red Ray implemented."  ( Seven Mansions of Color by Alex Jones (1982)

How to Build your own Labyrinth for Natural Healing

Labyrinths can be built out of many natural materials. Some are drawn in the sand on a beach. Some have been made seashells as walls. Other labyrinths have been mowed in high fields of grass. Our labyrinth was made using 10 tons of local stone for the pathways.  Regardless of what materials you use, each labyrinth begins with a seed pattern.

The simplest, and smallest, labyrinth is a 3 -circuit labyrinth. Begin by drawing the pattern over and over (see diagram and instructions below). After you have mastered "drawing" your labyrinth, then go outside and use the same process to lay it out. The easiest process to use is surveyor paint. Paint your paths, then finish them by placing stone on the paths you  painted. Or by cutting the grass between your paint. Surveyor paint will fade in a few months, leaving you with an all natural labyrinth. If you don’t like the idea of paint, then you can use surveyor flags or tape.

The next size labyrinth follows the same seed pattern and expands it. This is the form of our Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park.  Here is how to draw the classic 7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth.

Begin with the "seed" pattern

1.  Draw a cross



2.  Now draw an "L" in each of the 4 quadrants




3. Place a dot at each angle of the "L"




Now you will connect the dots and lines!

4. Place your pencil at the top of the cross, and draw a curve connecting the next line to the right.



5. Now move to the top of the next line on the left, and connect it to the next dot on the right.




6. Continue connecting each line and dot, always moving from top left to next on right.









 Before you build your labyrinth, practice drawing this pattern until you see it in your sleep. Then go outside and mark the paths, beginning with the seed pattern. Use paint, flags, stones…as described above. Map out the entire labyrinth just as you have drawn it above. Adjust it for path widths and the size of the "walls" you will be making from stone or other materials.

Most of all, have fun with your labyrinth. There are many books available if you need more information. Draw, build, and enjoy!

The Feng Shui Creative Order

The five elements in Feng Shui have creative and destructive orders in relationship to each other. The creative order follows the seasons and cycles of nature. The destructive order attempts to go against natural cycles. It is believed that using the elements in proper balance enhances one’s fortune, while unbalance blocks good fortune. To provide a proper balance, first eliminate areas where the elements are being used in a destructive way, then combine elements according to the suggestions below.

Using the Elements in Combination
Wood is nourished by Water (water is necessary for wood to grow), and weakened by metal (metal cuts wood). To improve health and family affairs, use fountains with growing plants. Contain water in resin or ceramic bowls rather than metal containers. Avoid using sharp, angular, metallic objects in the health and family area. Combining the colors green and black will enhance wood energy. A black vase holding a lucky bamboo plant works well. Bonsai trees are most commonly seen in black bowls. Be creative with these two colors, using gentle black accents on green furniture, or black frames around photos or paintings of forests and trees. Let the growth of health be nourished by the water element in your life.

The Fire of Fame and Success is weakened by Water (water extinguishes fire), and is nourished by Wood (wood provides fuel for fire to burn). To fan the fire of success in your environment, light candles safely contained in wood bases. Avoid placing candles too close to water features. Combine the colors red and green to enhance success and fame – just like Christmas! Hang red tassels with green jade (called Lucky Ties) to remind you of fame and fortune. Make a success poster using red and green lettering. Paint a picture, or find one, that uses vibrant red and green colors. Allow the energy of health and family to nourish fame and fortune in your life.

Earth is made by Fire and displaced by Wood. Candles in clay pots, bowls of sand and incense all enhance the centering and balance of earth. Reds, pinks, and yellows are colors that energize earth properties of balance, centering, and stillness. Have you ever noticed the colors of robes worn by Hindu and Buddhist monks? The robes are usually of silk or brilliant cotton and always combine shades of re, pink, orange, and yellow. That is a good example of the Fire element nourishing Earth. Try combining these colors in your own wardrobe and sense the difference. You will feel more stable, more grounded, and yet more vibrant when wearing these colors.

Metal is made by Earth and melted by Fire To enhance creativity, combine earth and metal in sculptures, planters, and artistic creations. Using bright yellows and brilliant whites together spark the creative mind. Yellow post-it notes on white paper are often used in business to enhance creativity and new ideas.

Water is carried by Metal and stopped (dammed up) by Earth. To enhance career, flowing metal water sculptures are often placed outside of business buildings. Inside, even water fountains can bring the energy of Chi to one’s career. The striking colors of black and white are also career boosters. Is it any wonder that for the past 100 years the classic business suit (for both men and women) has been black with a white shirt or blouse? Try placing abstract art in black and white on your walls. Energize your own thought by printing notes to yourself using big, place type, on white paper, of course.


Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

Feng Shui Northeast – Knowledge

Feng Shui in Northeast holds the energy of knowledge. This area is associated with two different types of knowing. The first consists of facts and ideas. The second is direct, non-dualistic knowledge.
Water and Wood combine in this area of knowledge. The color is blue-green – the colors of adventure and exploration combined with calming and relaxation. These colors of the sea and sky represent an openness to new ideas and insights.

This area of you home of business is a place for contemplation and learning. Use this area to explore new arenas of thought and act upon new perceptions.

Look at the Northeast area of your environment now. Is there a place for comfortable reading? What colors are now present? How inviting does this area feel in terms of learning? Are you ready to explore your mind and the minds of others here?

Feng Shui Cures for Knowledge

Let the knowledge area of you home or office represent both facts and intuition. Use this area for books, audiotapes, and inspirational posters. Design a quiet reading space here, accompanied by proper lighting and gentle music.

Along with your books, include a notepad or diary in which to record your ideas and insights. This is a good area to use when writing your business plan or personal mission statement.

Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.



Category – Feng Shui

Feng Shui Center

Feng Shui in center of your environment holds the energy of nurturing, balance, and stability. It provides the feeling of total support form the universe and is the sum total of your choices.
Earth is the element associated with the Center. Earth represents grounding, steady progress, security and caring. Earth is reliable, stable, solid and confident. Earth endures endless change and still remains itself.

The color yellow is associated with the Center. Yellow represents longevity and acceptance of change through detachment. Yellow is a cheerful color. It opens and cleanses the mind and invites feelings of peaceful happiness and joyful bliss. Additional colors associated with the center are light yellow, beige, and tan.

Look now at the center of your home or room. Is there clutter, or is the space clear? Do the features seem stable and secure, or is there a sense of flightiness and instability? Is there anything in the center at all?

Feng Shui Cures for your Center

Make the center of your room a nurturing, healing space. If the center is empty, add an area accent rug in earth tones. Arrange clay pots with rich potting soil and live plants in this area. Use square shaped objects.

Long, flat rooflines enhance the stability of the center. Ceilings at angles are thought to create negative chi. Bamboo flutes, hung in pairs form the ceiling balance sharp angles or beams, deflecting negative energy and re-charging positive energy.

Small wind chimes, hung from the ceiling, will also enhance the peaceful energy of earth. These chimes may sound in the breeze from ceiling fans, or air -conditioning ducts. Use objects that remind you to be still and listen to the inner voice that always guides you to peace.


Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

Feng Shui North – Water Element for Career Success

Feng Shui in the North focuses on Career. Career represents your livelihood, line of business, and in some wonderful cases, your calling. When your career and your calling match, then you love what you are doing and what you are doing loves you!

Water is the element in the Career Section. Water is formless and flowing. It conforms to and takes the shape of its container, yet seeks always to flow and expand. Water is the element that allows us to be in the flow and feel the energies that cycle through life. This flow of energy aids clarity and communication of our ideas into action.

Black is the color associated with the Career Section of our environment. Black is the energy of absorption (black hole) and destruction of negative energy. It provides emotional protection and power. It is associated with money, career, experience, depth and income.

Look now at the Career section of your home or office. What suggests flow and advancement there? What appears to be blocking your flow? What career ideas are present, or absent there?

Feng Shui Cures for Career

The most obvious Feng Shui cure for the Career area is use of the Water element. Water reminds up to flow with our lives, to allow the flow of career and money to come to us. The use of table fountain is the most common way to enhance the energy in your career section. Water features are visual reminders of the constant circulation and pooling of energy, as water travels from the fountain bowl, through the pump, and over the fountain. Water fountains can be enhanced with special designs that remind you of your vocation and career. Water flowing in your career area allows you to grow and experiment in your job as you seek your vocation. And when you are in your vocation, it encourages the flow of money and abundance to come to you for your support.

So, look now at your career area and find a place to add water. If you do not care for fountains, you may use the water element in another way through Water Blessing Labels. These labels can be applied to all glasses and bottles to generate the energy you wish for your successful career. And if water is not appropriate to the area, how about a picture of water. Many Chinese restaurants have moving pictures of waterfalls or flowing rivers. I use to think that these electric pictures were flaky or tacky until I understood their meaning. They are allowing the energy of water into an area. They are reminding the viewer of the power of water to move all obstacles in its path and find the perfect flow. May water move all obstacles in your career path until you find yourself in the perfect flow.

Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

Feng Shui Northwest – Helping People

Feng Shui in the Northwest is the area in your environment that represents giving and receiving – helping people. It is the hospitality area and its energy promotes natural caring and kindness.

This area is the transition between the white of creativity and the black of career. Its color is gray, representing protection and mutual caring. A sharing of resources occurs here. The energy is related to commitment, pride, and dedication. Neither black nor white, there is room for flexibility and growth.

In our store, we have placed our hospitality feature in this area. We offer coffee, tea, water and other beverages to our customers. It represents a gesture of caring, of giving and receiving that enhances the energy of the entire store.

Look at the helping people area of your home or business now. What is there to remind you of sharing and caring? What attracts and benefits? What repels and limits? Notice for now what is there, and return at the end of this chapter to make your modifications.

Feng Shui Cures for Helping Others

The most notable cure for the area of helping people is the use of mirrors. What we give to a mirror is reflected directly back to us. The mirror is a symbol for giving and receiving.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are used in two ways. First, they are used to reflect negativity away from an area. The 8-sided Baqua mirror is often hung on a door to reflect negative outside energy back before it is received inside. Traditionally, mirrors have been hung on doors that face cemeteries, power lines, traffic, negative neighbors, trash piles, and so on. This is so that what is given from the outside is not received into the home or office. In addition, mirrors are often used in apartment buildings to reflect the energies of your neighbors away. Placing a mirror face down on the floor will reflect the energy from below back down. The same is true when placing a mirror face up on the ceiling, to reflect energy upward. Mirrors placed on bathroom doors reflect energy away from “going down the drain”.

Mirrors may also be used to reflect positive energies inside. If your window looks out onto a park, or trees, or a beautiful scene in nature, position a mirror so that the scene is reflected inside. Thus you receive beauty inside your home or office.

It is obvious that cures using mirrors are not directly related to helping people. In fact, they appear to be pushing people and objects away. Yet indirectly they do help. Negativity that is reflected back to its source will provide a lesson to the source. In the case of people, the more negativity a person gives out, the more they receive back, until they realize that there must be a better way. As we learn that the world is a reflection of our own thoughts and beliefs, we gain the power to change our world by changing what we are giving out. We look in the mirror and frown, and we receive a frown back. We look in the mirror and smile, and we receive a smile back. That is the lesson and it is really quite simple. It just takes practice to learn. Happy giving and receiving.

Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

Feng Shui West – Metal Element for Children and Creativity


Feng Shui in the West represents children and creativity. It is associated with intuition, organization and completing things. We complete our children and then let them go. We complete our projects and then move on to something else. And we listen to our inner voice of intuition to know when to apply our talents to the next cycle.

The West is associated with the season of autumn, the waning of the natural cycle, the middle years of life. A time of finishing things by the development of self-discipline accompanied by creative ways to handle life. The element Metal is used in the West to bring the energy of completion and success. Metal frames, brass doorknobs, sculptures, domes, cylinders and round shapes. Metal is the most common remedy for negative earth energies. The use of copper, silver, gold, and bronze balance and bring harmony. Use of the colors white, silver, gold, and metallic is included in the West. The color White is a blank canvas, on which to paint your picture of creativity and fruition. Fun objects, child-like objects, games and toys are all appropriate for the West. In our store, we have filled the Children and Creativity section with fairies, smoky mountain trolls, wizards, coloring books, and all things which remind us to enjoy, be in awe, and have fun.

Look at the West of your room or home and seek out the fun. What is creative there? What makes you smile? What reminds you to be young and adventurous? Children live in the now, moment to moment. They draw tremendous creativity from their minds and imaginations. The energy of this area invites you to explore your own creativity and to have fun.

Feng Shui Cures for Natural Creativity

To bring the energy of creativity, and creation, into your home or office, hang a crystal in a window. The most common hanging crystals are made of leaded glass. The microscopic particles of lead catch the rays of the sun, reflecting them into rainbows across the room. Austrian crystals do nicely and come in a variety of shapes. Crystals draw yang (active) energy into your environment and promote the energy for completion of projects. The miracle of watching rainbows appear in your room as the sun shines through brings an instant sense of wonder and awe to any environment.

Look at the Creativity area of your room and add small, whimsical touches. Maybe a stature of a fairy or a four-leaf clover. Perhaps a childhood toy, or a new creative project can occupy a special space. Bring in objects that remind you to be child-like and to have fun. In a more sophisticated setting, such as a professional office, use the Metal element in the form of statues, figurines, or furniture to enhance the energy of this area. Play with this wonderful energy of children and creativity and experience youth and energy returning to you daily.

Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

Feng Shui Southwest – Naturally Healing Relationships

Feng Shui in the Southwest holds the energy of relationships, marriage, and business partnerships. It is associated with support, sharing, and selflessness.
No single Feng Shui element is associated with this area. It is the transition between the red of Fire element and the white of the Metal Element. The perfect blending of red and white produce pink. Pink is the color of emotional healing, protection, love, support and letting go. In terms of energy, the white light from heaven merges with the red light of earth, blending, soothing and harmonizing. Pink is often associated with the heart and loving.

Look at the southwest area of your home or office. What is there that reminds you of love? Again, look for clutter, dust, dis-organization. Is your love “dusty”? If you are single, is there any space in this area to invite others into your life? If you are married or living with a partner, is there space for your relationship to unfold? Just note the changes you may wish to make in this area for now.

Feng Shui Cures for Naturally Healing Relationships

The first cure for relationships is to love yourself unconditionally. If you place conditions on your own self-love, then you will place conditions on the love you give to others. If you only love yourself when you accomplish something, when you are healthy, when you do good, then you must, by default, apply that criteria to those around you. Practice loving yourself when you feel bad, when you have just made a mistake, when you have been unkind. Practice loving yourself because you exist, because you are living, because you are here. Meditation will assist you in developing the feelings of unconditional love. The more you understand the transitory nature of reality, the more you will come to know that just being here is enough. Just loving is enough. And when you are full of love inside, you naturally overflow that love into your relationships and to the world. So give yourself permission to love yourself. And then expand that permission to loving others. To be in relationship with others unconditionally will bring good Chi into your life.

On the more tangible side, Feng Shui includes cures to enhance these feelings of love and relationship. In the Southwest area of your room or business, place pairs of things to remind you that you are in relationship. Find 2 matching candles, pink in color, and set them together. 2 Austrian crystals hanging side by side, equally matched, will bring relationship Chi into your area. 2 matching mirrors, 2 matching cushions, 2 of anything peaceful and loving will do nicely.

Fish tanks or carvings of fish are often placed in this area. In China, the carp fish represents harmony and marital bliss, especially then two of them are seen swimming together against the current. Facing obstacles together has become an emblem of perseverance. The fish symbol may be used in a business or office to enhance relationships between employees and customers.

Since we are on the relationships area, we need to discuss the arrangement of your bedroom – even if it is not in the Southwest of your home. For successful relationships, place the head of the bed against a wall and centered, so that both people can get in without a struggle. The ideal location is to place the bed so you have a clear view of the door from the bed, but not directly in front of a door. In the bedroom, use pairs of things to enhance relationships. Matching night tables on both sides of the bed, matching lights, matching pillows all enhance the energy of relationships.

Finally, in the bedroom, feel free to say, and mean, “I love you” the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. “ Good night, I love you!” and “Good Morning, I love you”.

Dr. Jill Henry, author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, (2004) Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers.

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